Simancas Assisted Living Home

Teresita Simancas

I am a proud owner of Simancas Assisted Living Home. We are located in Central Tucson since 2007.

I am currently licensed for five residences right now and working toward creating a facility for ten.

If you or a loved one are looking for a warm, comfortable home that offers experienced, personalized individual care, Simancas Assisted Living Home is the home to consider

At Simancas Assisted Living, we believe seniors should live in a REAL home, not a large institution. We help ease the transition to senior living by offering intimate care in a home setting.


General Manager

Our personalized care is the “Best” in the field. We offer an extremely high staff to resident ratio that allows us to get to know every individual’s story, preferences and needs

Head of Therapist

We offer 24/7 quality care and treat your loved one like they are our own family. Taking care of our residents, keeping them safe and making them feel at home is our #1 priority

Physical Therapist